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Our platform offers extensive, far-reaching protection for highly sensitive data, having identified numerous segments that produce, process and employ this kind of data on a daily basis..

Legality and assurance

The secure and transparent transmission of highly sensitive documents is the ideal application area for AMBITORIO.

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AMBITORIO displays its strengths and also protects the privacy of all parties involved during the transmission of medical data and integration of medical devices in the Ambitorio ecosystem

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Secured prototyping that supplements data with unchangeable data fingerprints enables AMBITORIO customers to protect their intellectual property on  production data such as 3D-models for additive manufacturing.

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Medical data

Another field of activity provided by AMBITORIO concerns medical data. This includes genetic, biometric and medical billing data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the national legislators recognise them as highly sensitive and therefore absolutely worthy of protection. Additional specific demands and guidelines are required for this specialised data protection.

The future of medicine is digital. The new title “Data Scientist” clearly shows how much more medicine and research are becoming digitally linked. This includes the communication between physicians and medical appliances.

With the AMBITORIO solution, we can ensure that highly sensitive patient data, medical evaluations or analytical information are encrypted and transmitted on-site before the data leaves the machine environment.

It is not only personal data that requires secure storage, but also digital data provided by the application of medical devices. The solution in the field of healthcare concerns the information stored by medical appliances, which, in turn, is passed on for analysis and research. This information is encrypted and protected by our technology, but is transparent for authorised third parties such as data protection institutions, without compromising the privacy of the patient and the medical staff.

This ensures that your confidential data never ends up in an open network which could lead to data theft. With the option of not providing data for download, but only for viewing, you can also prevent your sensitive data from being stored on an insecure system.

The AMBITORIO solution is based on an “out-of-the-box” mentality that assures you highly secure encryption without the inconvenience of employing expensive IT companies.

It is therefore possible to integrate specific elements of AMBITORIO into your company structure or implement our solution completely if so required. We also develop our own hardware in all shapes and sizes to support you in all medical aspects without it becoming too apparent.

Our hardware is also available as an industrial version, complete with a high quality and secure housing, integrated cooling, multiple connectivity options and a ten-year warranty.

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Manufacturing – including 3D printing

Manufacturing is a broad field of application. Nowadays, 3D printing is used for rapid prototyping, architecture and even jewellery and fashion design. AMBITORIO will accelerate this development considerably.

Each of the steps taken safeguarding your value-added chain, from the idea to the prototyping of the product, can now be decentralised without the people involved losing control of their intellectual property.

It is no longer important whether the communication is from person to person or machine to machine. From the development of the design to the timely compliance of important deadlines to the transfer of a task to the appliance – the application cases are manifold.

AMBITORIO protects your intellectual property value chain from the office to the final product.

Our in-house 3D-printer prototype combines the aspects of additive manufacturing with the AMBITORIO software solution. Manufactured by Swiss engineers, the device is ready for use. Everything “Made in Switzerland”. Send your 3D model encrypted to the machine via AMBITORIO. The file will be decrypted on-site and production can begin.

Our software can be implemented in special-purpose solutions, according to the requirements of our customers. AMBITORIO is at your disposal to combine your ideas with our unique technology.

Do you require a custom-made solution with integrated AMBITORIO solution to make your ideas a reality, or you need an external hardware that will be connected to your machine? Inform us of your preference, and AMBITORIO will take care of the implementation for you.

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