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Privacy Policy

General Information

The use of the application “Ambitorio” and its (integrated or online downloaded) contents (hereinafter Ambitorio app ) requires the prior consent to the following usage agreement between Ambitorio AG, Schutzengelstrasse 36, 6340 Baar (hereinafter Ambitrorio) as provider of the Ambitorio app and the user. We therefore ask you to read the user agreement for the Ambitorio app carefully before navigating on the Ambitorio app and using the services it offers.

  1. Scope

The Ambitorio app is provided by Ambitorio AG. The Ambitorio app is a platform for mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets) and is aimed at users residing inside and outside of Switzerland.

The terms and conditions of this user agreement shall also apply to any updates, upgrades or updates of the Ambitorio app provided by Ambitorio AG which replace or supplement the originally licensed version of the Ambitorio app, unless such update or upgrade or such agreement is subject to a separate license agreement.

Acceptance of the user agreement is effected by downloading and/or using the Ambitorio app. The user declares that he has read, understood and accepted the user agreement.

The respective App Store operator is not a party to this agreement. However, it is a third-party beneficiary with the right to enforce this user agreement against the user.

  1. License and use of the App

After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the user agreement and as far as permitted by the additional terms and conditions of use and guidelines of the respective App Store operator, Ambitorio AG grants the user the non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable, revocable right to install and use the Ambitorio app for private and commercial purposes exclusively on your own (i.e., in the property of the user or his employer or otherwise under the control of the user or his or her employer) and as authorized by the App Store operator

However, the user is prohibited from using the Ambitorio app in any way not provided for in this user agreement without the prior written consent of Ambitorio AG or from transferring or lending it to third parties. Furthermore, you are not entitled to show the Ambitorio app in whole or in part within the framework of a public performance or representation, even if no fee is charged for it. Furthermore, you may not sell, rent, lease, copy, modify, adapt, redistribute, publicly display, transmit, transmit, modify, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, obtain the source code, sublicense or transfer the Ambitorio app to third parties for use or for any of the aforementioned purposes or transfer or assign your rights to third parties without authorization.

Ambitorio AG does not charge you for the download, installation or use of the Ambitorio app . However, costs may be incurred in accordance with the tariffs of the parties, domestic or foreign telecommunications providers chosen by you. Individual functions of the Ambitorio app may cause the transmission of large amounts of data, so that high transmission fees may be incurred for the transmission of this content via a data connection. Individual actions performed by the Ambitorio app may cost the user costs in the form of cryptographic tokens. These costs are referred to in detail in point 4.

If you are not the payer of the mobile device used for the Ambitorio app, Ambitorio AG assumes that you have the payer’s permission to use the application.

  1. Cryptographic keys and their storage

The Ambitorio app allows you to manage and use cryptographic key pairs. These key pairs are needed to execute transactions on a blockchain. More about transactions, their purpose and meaning in point 4. A key pair consists of a public key and a private key. The public key is used in the form of a blockchain address as the holder of cryptographic tokens or as the owner of rights for specific actions on the blockchain. The private key is used to manage these tokens or to exercise these rights. The private key is stored exclusively on the Ambitorio app. Ambitorio will never make copies of the private key or copies of other data that will enable Ambitorio to recover the user’s private keys. Having control over a private key means technically being able to manage all tokens and exercise rights. The Ambitorio app can both – generate key pairs and import existing key pairs (or restore a backup of previously generated key pairs by the Ambitorio app). For key pairs generated by the Ambitorio app, the user is offered the option of a backup. The user of the Ambitorio app is solely responsible for the possibility of backing up the key pairs. During a backup, the user will be presented with a sequence of 24 words that will restore the key pairs generated by the app. The user is solely responsible to keep the 24 recovery words of his cryptographic key pairs secret in a safe place. Ambitorio has no way to replace lost keys. Ambitorio has no means of restoring or recovering any cryptographic tokens associated with the keys or any rights granted to the cryptographic keys. With installing and using the Ambitorio app the user confirms, that he is aware of the importance of the key pairs and that he deals with the keys and any backups with due care.

Ambitorio has no influence beyond the Ambitorio app on how the smartphone’s operating system, the smartphone’s hardware, or any other installed apps or features interact with the Ambitorio app, and their ability to keep and store cryptographic keys secure and save.

Malicious hardware or software as well as malicious code from different sources can lead to the loss or theft of cryptographic key pairs.

Ambitorio disclaims all warranties – implicit and explicit – for damages caused to the user by the loss or theft of cryptographic key pairs by third parties due to a hardware or software error in the smartphone or malicious code in the operating system of the smartphone, other apps or data.


  1. Transactions and transaction fees

The user of the Ambitorio app can sign any cryptographic transaction. Only a valid private-key-signed cryptographic transaction can modify data on the blockchain. Such a transaction may instruct the passing or management of cryptographic tokens at the associated cryptographic address or the execution of rights granted to the cryptographic address.

These cryptographic transactions are prepared by the user himself via a Ambitorio web application and are then sent to the Ambitorio app for signing. The user is responsible for the correct and careful preparation of the transactions.

Ambitorio assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of the transactions, the way in which the rights granted to the cryptographic addresses are executed, or the distribution or management of cryptographic tokens by the user.

With the Ambitorio app the user can check the transactions before signing. It is the sole responsibility of the user to verify this information. Ambitorio believes that the user makes use of this opportunity before a transaction is signed.

Cryptographic transactions change data in the blockchain. Data in the blockchain is not stored in one place, but exists on many different devices of a blockchain network. The network decides, based on internal rules, whether transactions are valid and whether the changes triggered by them are included in the blockchain data or not. The user is a participant in this blockchain network. Only valid transactions of the user and other users of the Blockchain network can modify this data.

Ambitorio has no possibility to modify or influence this data at its own initiative in any way. All changes to the data come about through valid transactions, which were previously signed by the user by means of his private key and after thorough examination by the user.

Ambitorio has no option to cancel, recall or invalidate signed transactions. Ambitorio therefore disclaims any liability for the outcome of the transactions in the Blockchain.

The transmission of blockchain transactions may cause processing fees (called gas costs) owed to the network which the user authorizes with his signature. The nature of blockchain networks makes an exact estimation of gas costs impossible. Ambitorio provides an estimate of +/- 10% accuracy for each of these transactions. If you sign a transaction and send it to the network for processing, Ambitorio assumes that you have reviewed the processing costs and explicitly approved them with your signature.

  1. Blockchains and transaction times

With the Ambitorio app, the user has the opportunity to manage cryptographic key pairs for different blockchains and to sign cryptographic transactions for the blockchain provided with the appropriate private key.

By using the Ambitorio app, the user acknowledges that he understands the purpose and use of a blockchain and understands that blockchains differ in their nature, cost, and transaction time. He confirms that he knows that the data is stored in blocks and that these blocks are created and validated by third parties. Ambitorio has no influence on the formation and validation of the blocks.

Transactions that change data in the blockchain are processed asynchronously. Ambitorio can not give any guarantees as to when a transaction will be processed. Ambitorio assumes no liability if transactions are processed too late or not at all.

  1. Support, Updates and Deactivation of the App

Ambitorio AG reserves the right to update the Ambitorio app at its own discretion. However, Ambitorio AG is under no circumstances obliged to update the Ambitorio app.

As a matter of principle Ambitorio AG does not provide any support, maintenance and/or servicing services in connection with the Ambitorio app. In the event of defects, functional problems or complaints in connection with the Ambitorio App, these can be reported via the corresponding e-mail address (

Ambitorio AG can provide the Ambitorio app with a function that deactivates it completely or partially, temporarily or permanently. Ambitorio AG is entitled to this right without prior notice, without giving reasons and without any compensation to the user. There is therefore no entitlement to continued use of the Ambitorio app.

  1. Exclusion of warranty and liability

Ambitorio AG provides you with the Ambitorio app as seen, i.e. “as-is”. Downloading, installing and using the Ambitorio app is entirely at your own risk. Both Ambitorio AG and the App Store operators hereby completely exclude (both tacit and explicit) warranty for the Ambitorio app and make no other (tacit or explicit) promises, warranties or assurances with regard to the Ambitorio app.

In particular, you do not warrant that: (i) the Ambitorio app functions or is available without errors or interruptions at all times or that errors are corrected; (ii) the downloading, installation and use of the Ambitorio app will not lead to losses, data damage, attacks by third parties, infestation with viruses or other malicious software, unwanted interventions, hacking or other security-relevant disruptions (e.g. reading or changing of data by third parties). You as the user are solely responsible for the data backup of your system, including the Ambitorio app stored on your system.

The liability of Ambitorio AG for direct, indirect or special damages or consequential damages arising from the use of this application or linked pages and applications, including without limitation damages such as loss of profit or revenue, interruption of business or professional activities, loss of programs or other data stored on your device is hereby waived to the extent permitted by law.

The Ambitorio app is offered via mobile networks and nodes that are not controlled or operated by Ambitorio AG. For this reason, Ambitorio AG is not liable for a failure of the application or for difficulties or non-functioning of downloads or content or other errors resulting from third party networks or nodes not functioning. The operators of the nodes are also not liable to the user for a failure of the application or for difficulties or the non-functioning of downloads or content or other errors.

  1. Intellectual property rights

All copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights in connection with the Ambitorio app are the exclusive property of Ambitorio AG and its licensors. In particular, the entire content of the Ambitorio app is protected by copyright. All rights with regard to the Ambitorio app, which are not expressly granted to you within the framework of the user agreement, remain with Ambitorio AG and its licensors. The unauthorized use, reproduction or reproduction of the content or parts of the content of the Ambitorio app is prohibited. No legal, copyright, trademark or other notices may be removed from the Ambitorio app.

  1. Transmission of Data and Data Protection

In your capacity as a user, you agree that Ambitorio AG may obtain, collect, process and use anonymous tracking data for the purpose of optimizing the Ambitorio app and for statistical purposes when using the Ambitorio app. The tracking data does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the user and is merely intended to provide general information about the user’s behaviour. These data form the basis for statistical, anonymous evaluations and serve the continuous improvement of the Ambitorio app. In order to be able to offer user-specific and market-driven offers, they agree that Ambitorio AG may collect and process their necessary data on the use of the Ambitorio app. Our data protection declaration is available at:




  1. Termination

The license is valid until the user or Ambitorio AG can cancel it at any time. Your rights as a user under this License will terminate automatically or immediately without notice from Ambitorio AG if you violate this User Agreement. After termination or automatic termination of the license, you are obligated to cease all use of the Ambitorio app and to destroy any copies thereof.

  1. Current version

For the use of the Ambitorio app, the current version of the user agreement applies (current version: 21.10.2019). Ambitorio AG reserves the right to change or amend these Terms of Use at any time and without prior notice. The continued use of this application after publication shall be deemed acceptance of these changes.

  1. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The user agreement as well as the use of the Ambitorio app are subject to swiss law. The cantonal court of Zug, shall have jurisdiction over any disputes arising from or relating to the existence of this agreement. Ambitorio AG may also sue the other party before any other competent court.

  1. Applicable Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions in german, are applicable. They are located on the following page:



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