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AMBITORIO allows highly secure, uncompromisable transmission of sensitive data to customers, clients and business partners. Our unique technology protects your confidential trade information and also your privacy with the application of an exceptionally secure transmission network. The activity does not end here, as the adaptability of our technology enables the connection of hardware to our platform, facilitating the exchange of data with machines and controlling business processes.

Welcome to the first platform that meets the requirements of the 21st century!


Our platform provides the entire infrastructure for transparent, traceable end-to-end encryption for data transmission.

Business Success Framework

To ensure the success of our customers, we apply our unique “Business Success Framework” to guide you through the expansion of your business by means of our platform.


With our innovative and unique application of blockchain technology we are able to secure business processes, important data and create customer assurance.

Cloud & Speicher

AMBITORIO offers a multi-encrypted, scalable and decentralised Cloud storage for your data, or a connection to our server to our resolution.

Security for your business

AMBITORIO is a unique, novel platform. Not only does it protect the transfer of highly sensitive data, it also sets innovative standards for transmission and sharing of data with third parties.


Before the data is uploaded, it will be encrypted via the “Data Wallet”. The technology used guarantees that only the authorised person will be able to read and relay the information. It is technically impossible for Ambitorio itself to see the data. The encryption keys will be generated in the local application and so cannot be sent.


Access to data is clearly traceable at all times. Our technology guarantees that no one will be able to read or manipulate the data unnoticed. The owner of the file has exclusive control of the data.


Each transmission is stored applying a decentralised, public logging procedure. This protocol is verifiable by third parties and cannot be altered. Our transparent technology separates file data from protocol logs, facilitating a thoroughly innovative form of privacy protection control.

Data integrity

Uploaded data will automatically receive a unique mathematical “fingerprint”. This will be unchangeable, and will be recorded in a discernible shareable protocol. A cross-checking of this mathematical value is possible by an independent party at any time. With this, AMBITORIO has created a worldwide unique variable reproducible digital data operation.


AMBITORIO provides a simple solution to tracing all activities carried out by data sharing. Who received the data, when it was received, how often the data was sourced will be unmodifiably recorded.

AMBITORIO in action

Our platform offers extensive, far-reaching protection for highly sensitive data, having identified numerous market segments that will benefit greatly from this.

Market segments that produce, process and employ highly sensitive data on a daily basis.

Legality & assurance

The secure and transparent transmission of highly sensitive documents is the ideal application area for AMBITORIO

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AMBITORIO displays its strengths and also protects the privacy of all parties involved during the transmission of medical data and integration of medical devices in the Ambitorio ecosystem.

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Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)

Secured prototyping that supplements data with unchangeable electronic fingerprints enables AMBITORIO customers to protect their intellectual property on 3D models and production data.

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