Keep your secrets

Do your secrets travel safe?

An increasingly complex IT world, makes it difficult to secure, control and exchange valuable data. Imagine a way to secure your valuable data without expensive and complex IT solutions.

With Ambitorio there’s now a much safer way to send valuable information worry-free.

End-to-End Encryption

Our platform provides an easy to use end-to-end encryption for every document. This security feature is already build in into our innovative solution.


We provide transaction transparency on the blockchain, providing an immutable audit-trail for all of our customers.

Data integrity

Ambitorio delivers automatic ‘Data Integrity Protection’ for all of our customers. Build-in and offered with additional technologies to secure their intellectual property.

Security for your business.

Our powerful technology protects your data against infringement of your privacy and strengthens your ability to keep your intellectual property.


It is technically impossible for Ambitorio itself to see the data. Before the data is uploaded, it is encrypted locally. The technology used guarantees, that only the authorised person will be able to read the information.


AMBITORIO provides a simple solution to tracing all activities carried out by sending data. Who received the data, when it was received, how often the data was sourced will be unmodifiably recorded in the Blockchain. The owner of the file has exclusive control of the data.


Access to data is clearly traceable at all times. Each transmission is stored applying a decentralised, public logging procedure. Our transparent technology guarantees that no one will be able to read or manipulate the data unnoticed and the interaction is non-repudiable.


Our platform offers extensive, far-reaching protection for highly sensitive data, having identified numerous segments that produce, process and employ this kind of data on a daily basis.

Legal & assurance

The secure and transparent transmission of highly sensitive documents is the ideal application area for AMBITORIO.

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AMBITORIO displays its strengths and also protects the privacy of all parties involved during the transmission of medical data and integration of medical devices.

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Secured prototyping that supplements data with unchangeable electronic fingerprints enables AMBITORIO customers to protect their intellectual property on 3D models and production data.


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