Data security

The absence of data security impedes the further development of digitisation. Data mining and huge data losses hamper new business models and block creativity. AMBITORIO wants to change this, and so offers structured information to help resolve it, raise safety awareness and in doing so, making the Internet a much safer place.

Three aspects of Data Security

Confidentiality – Only authorized users can read or modify data. That is important for data transactions and stored data within the system.

Integrity – Data is not allowed to be changed unnoticed. Every change needs to be recorded properly and comprehensibly.

Availability – Access to data must be guaranteed within agreed timeframes. Prevention of system failures with concepts of integrated failure safety mechanism and high redundancy are most important.

Disadvantages of centralized systems

Protection requires effort – More protection equals higher costs for companies. With the system located in an external data center, only the responsible company assures the security. A locked room is only secure against physical manipulation but useless against cyber attacks. On the other hand an internal company network maybe better for digital security but needs a lot of additional investments to maintain the server and manage the access to it.

Targeted attacks possible – Centralized systems can always be manipulated. Every cloud company nowadays is being attacked by social engineering, bribery of local employees or by hacker that are finding an error in the system that gives unauthorized access. Centralized systems are attracting data thieves with the possibility of high rewards based on a high amount of stored data.

Transparency is unilateral – Data centers are offering high security for saving data and managing access rights to attract a lot of customers. The truth is almost the opposite after someone comprising the network and stealing the secured data. As soon as log files or protocols are compromised the damage is done and cant be repaired.

Advantages of decentralized systems

Strength by numbers – It doesnt matter if you are a private person or an expert, both groups can offer additional ressources to the network. With the growing node network the security raises exponentially. Every participant takes care of security and a healthy infrastucture. The blockchain consensus within the system will assure that its always up to date and that everything is correct.

Less oppertunities to attack – Its impossible to attack an decentralized system where all the nodes or servers are spread around the globe. A variety of mathematical processes and encryptions within the system prevent manipulation by others. Even if one part of the node network is being attacked, the rest of the network will assure the security of the whole system.

Prevention of abuse – The node network offers exceptional high protection of personal information but that doesnt mean someone is able to abuse it. As soon as legal requests are sent the system is able to deliver information to find the suspect. The transparency of the system comes from the nodes that are recording all transactions within the system without telling what was being sent. That way all log files and access rights are protected from manipulation and will be provided to legal services.

Security by Blockchain

AMBITORIO secures high value data and ensure the right level of security. We are using the Blockchain technology in a new, practicable way. Everyone is able to upload data in a traditional way, the access to files will be secured by our tokenization. That way we prevent manipulation within our system and inside the cloud.

This is a whole new level of protection we are proud of.

Our solution offers high protection and transparency of every step for your business process while developing a new product from the scratch. As a customer of AMBITORIO you can control how often and in which way data can be aquired by another person – a simple way to manage access rights. It can be a read only access or even the right to buy something.

Our unique system makes sure that only the sender and the receiver know the content of a file. By giving out access you can always see who and when your data was aquired.

With AMBITIORIO you will keep the rights for your data and based on our technology we can ensure that you are the owner of a specific file. From this day on digital copyright is not a problem anymore. On top of that AMBTIORIO delivers «Proof of Authenticity» based on a digital checksum that is being provided by the Blockchain.

AMBITORIO offers highest security and control over your data with only one click. Manage your data like never before – and keep your secrets.

FROM THE PRESS… thats why we do it:

Erneut massive Datenpanne bei Facebook


Bei Facebook hat es erneut eine Datenpanne gegeben. So wurden 540 Millionen Kundendaten auf öffentlich zugänglichen Amazon-Cloud-Servern gespeichert. Die Daten wurden inzwischen entfernt.

Gehackt: Nach Collection #1 kommen #2 bis #5


Vor einer Woche wurde eine 87 GB schwere Sammlung von unverschlüsselten E-Mail-Adressen und Passwörtern bekannt. Die gestohlenen Daten werden auf einer Webseite zum Kauf angeboten.

Marriott-Hack: Daten von 500 Millionen Hotelgästen gestohlen


Die Hotelgruppe Marriott hat bekanntgegeben, dass ihr Reservierungssystem gehackt wurde. Bereits seit 2014 hatten die Angreifer Zugriff auf das System und die Daten der Hotelgäste. Rund 500 Millionen Personen sollen vom Hack betroffen sein.

Google schwieg ein halbes Jahr über Datenpanne


New York (dpa) – Das Online-Netzwerk Google Plus hat jahrelang ein Datenleck gehabt: App-Entwickler konnten seit 2015 ohne Erlaubnis auf einige private Nutzerdaten zugreifen. Der Internet-Riese entdeckte und schloss die Lücke im März – verschwieg das aber zunächst.

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