Business Success Framework

Software and hardware is not all that AMBITORIO has to offer, as there is an extensive service strategy attached to it. We call it the “Business Success Framework”. It is the crucial tool to get our customers started on enabling digitisation.

The Idea

Information is the most valuable raw material of our times and AMBITORIO is the tool that enables the customer to generate capital from it. We will support you from the creation to the implementation of your ideas, to successfully finalise projects or to construct a business.

Our service

AMBITORIO offers a large spectrum of services to help enable easy access into the information age. This includes onboarding, training, certification, consulting and support.

Administration of justice

Laws concerning data protection and ensuring the respect for privacy are becoming more extensive, which in turn affect all aspects of modern economy. AMBITORIO makes sure that all operations and activity are legally compliant, and provides the corresponding consultation on the subject.

Manufacturing (3D printing)

The extensive AMBITORIO service strategy includes support of production. The customer’s value chain from idea to finished product will be sustained, protected and automated if required.

… so that you are in control of your data …

The main footholds

The main footholds of the Business Success Framework are consulting, partner network and cloud partner. They support and strengthen the platform, expand the user circle, and enable the realisation of new business ideas.

AMBITORIO Consulting

Through years of intensive work, AMBITORIO has developed wide-ranging experience in the field of blockchain, tokenomics and transaction logic. We offer this through Ambitorio Consulting to all customers in pursuit of solutions based on our technology. We are happy to advise in decision making, tokenisation analysis and transfer of highly sensitive data.

Partner Network

This network complies of a pool of experts and specialists working nationally and internationally to promote, sell and implement AMBITORIO. We rely heavily on partner cooperation, offering collaboration possibilities from our side. As our platform user, you have the possibility to draw on a wide range of experts to realise your project ideas, developments or to receive assistance for theoretical queries.

Cloud Partner

The preparation and creation of high quality efficient server hardware is in the professional hands of reliable providers focused on care, maintenance and performance upgrade. Thanks to the blockchain based rights management concerning data and files, we are able to integrate numerous cloud partner into our system, cooperatively creating a server and cloud offer for our customers. Here, too, is an opportunity to become an independent partner.

Join us in facing the challenges of the digital age!

With AMBITORIO we end the chapter of the insecure internet and in doing so assist you in becoming an expert in digitisation. Contact us today and join us on this journey.

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