Purpose and Values

FOUNDED in 2017

AMBITORIO AG has been implementing concepts and applications for the secure file exchange of “high sensitive data” based on blockchain technology since 2017.


Founded in the heart of “Crypto Valley” and located in Baar, the company has set itself the goal of developing Blockchain-based solutions that allow data records to be stored, transferred, and licensed without being influenced.


Transactions through the system created by AMBITORIO, already met the expectations of lawyers and are additionally compliant with requirements of various data protection laws such as the GDPR as well as future similar implementations in other nations such as Switzerland and the USA.


Building on our core technology with AMBITORIO, we offer our experience and knowledge to realize customized solutions. Beginning with the topic of 3D printing, our achieved experience leads to the development of further highly complex solutions across all industries.


The company’s custom-designed and in-house manufactured edge devices are prototypes for the medical and manufacturing industries. (architecture, structural engineering, rapid prototyping. The experience gained through this is actively used by the entire team to better meet new customer requirements in the future.


With the heart in Switzerland there is only one thing left to say – AMBITORIO’s transmission and security solutions and the associated hardware is all “Made in Switzerland”.

Crypto Valley

Canton Zug

The canton of Zug in Switzerland has been considered one of the most promising places for many years when it comes to start-ups. Especially in the financial sector exists an unstoppable growth because technologies like the Blockchain have recently been implemented. It led to the foundation of a dense but efficient blockchain community located in a relatively small part of the country.

Crypto community

This density does not only ensure exclusivity, it also provides an easy way of networking. Even with the community being very international, interest in complex subjects such as cryptocurrencies and tokenization creates strong cohesion.

AMBITORIO profited greatly from this unique community and seeks to enrich it.

AMBITORIO and the Valley

AMBITORIO is a startup and its founders are linked to the Crypto Valley from the very beginning. Based on the contacts developed within, partnerships have emerged that have contributed significantly to the success of the company. As a result, AMBITORIO no longer relies on reinventing every aspect of the crypto business, but can leverage existing experience, research and development to fully focus on the core competence and corporate strategy implementation.


Thomas Friedrich

Co-Founder & President of board

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