Dear Testers,

Ambitorio’s Season’s Greetings come with great news – we managed to finish version 0.11 of our app. Soon we will be out in the wild and v.0.11 helps us to tackle the last few bugs and problems we still encounter. This time the app’s face didn’t change that much, but the technology underneath made huge leaps forward. Take a look at our pick of the various changes and cheer!

Important for iOS Users
Due the restrictions from Apple appearing on Holiday Season, iOS users can neither get the update nor use the app correctly. Apple does not roll out updates till Dec. 27th, but we needed to update our Server to bring 0.11 live. We kindly ask iOS Users to wait till they can update to 0.11 before testing the app intensively.
iOS users will face problems when it comes to interaction with existing or newly generated wallets.


  • Ambitorio Recovery Key (12 Word Seed) now covers multiple wallet addresses
  • You’re able to select your active wallet
  • The name of an existing wallet can be changed
  • The app got a new start animation


  • No more download if the tokens are not sufficient
  • Transactions are displayed again (currently only the latest 50)
  • Notifications for data uploads now forward correctly

Almost there

Even if we’re racing towards the goal, not all challenges have been solved by our development team. Customer and tester feedback continuously lead to new features and other improvements, which we always try to respect. Of course this comes with some extra challenge, often more than expected. But at the end we proudly state the progress we made since we achieved more than ever within one version upgrade.

Challenges we solved

  • So called HD Wallets are now fully integrated
  • Check, Backup and Usage of the Recovery Key was simplified
  • Notifications finally can be deleted
  • The Login no longer features the outdated specification of an user name (TX)

Challenges we still face

  • The current encryption method stresses devices if the file is bigger than 50mb. We ask all testers to not send or open files of the size just mentioned.
  • The tokenized download can be a bit confusing. We’re working on a solution to make the process a bit easier and better understandable.

Kind regards,
Thomas and the team of Ambitorio