App Version 0.5

Dear Testers,

Shortly after we had the chance to inform you about our last success, we reach out to you again. This time we enriched our app with long awaited features such as a way better method to download files. We also walk closer to our final goal of tokenized access rights management step by step. Even if it comes with a little bit of a hassle at first try, please study our new approach of the download process. This improvement marks one of the last steps towards full blockchain integration and we will do our very best to make it much easier to use within the next few versions.

Important note:

Since we modified the technique how we handle file keys, you will lose access to all of your older files.

Features you can finally test

Downloads will now be stored directly in the app and can be viewed or accessed via the apps interface
Download and decryption is shown as a progress bar in the file list. This allows usage of the app while a file is downloaded or decrypted
Every download must be signed before it starts


  • Interaction with file keys is more reliable now
  • Hash- or key mismatches should not randomly occur anymore
  • The file key storage is more flexible and not limited to certain sizes anymore

Challenges we still face

  • At some point our app will not activate files, even if the process of activation has been run through successfully. We know about this and we know why that is, but we’re still working on the solution.
  • The new encryption method stresses devices if the file is bigger than 50mb. We’re fixing that within one of the upcoming version. We ask all testers to not send files of the size just mentioned.
  • When using Passenger Mode (Web Client), users are advised to let the app constantly open and running. We will improve this behavior.

Kind regards,
Thomas and the team of Ambitorio