App Version 0.4

Dear Testers,

Great news are coming from us on these hot summer days. We will bring version 0.4 live step by step of this week, starting today. The go-live marks a huge step for our development. The major change in 0.4 comes through its newly written API and might not be noticed at first glance, but it is this change that not only brings you our passenger mode feature but makes the release of our app on iOS possible.

Passenger Mode

This feature marks one of our biggest milestones we have set. With the app working as a hub holding all your keys mandatory for encryption and blockchain transactions, our system is unbreakably safe when it comes to environment additions. It doesn’t matter if the passenger mode comes in form of a web-client, as we built it in-house or if it is a 3rd party product such as a plugin for mail clients. More details about the web-client will be given to our testers quite soon as well.


The long awaited release of our app on iOS devices is finally here. Of course the app is still in the making, same as the Android version, but testers familiar with the progress of our app will quickly spot improvements high and low. So far we support all iPhones and iPads capable of iOS 9.0 and above. Do not forget to tell us your Apple-ID because we need it to register you for the testing environment of iOS (TestFlight). We expect the iOS version to be live within this week.


With all these new improvements and the app running smoother than ever, there is one challenge testers unfortunately have to face – the update erases everything prior.

The short list of expected conflicts looks like this:

  • You will need to login again (if you have lost your password, get in touch with us)
  • All your files stored on our system will be gone
  • Your wallet will be erased locally as well and needs to get restored if you would like to keep track of your blockchain records. If you would like to start from scratch, leave this step out. Make sure to backup your wallet before the app’s update is made.
  • How to create a wallet backup
    If your app updates to 0.4 we added a little help to assist you in exporting your 12 word seed, in case you have forgot about it before downloading the update. Within the fresh setup you will be asked if you either would like to create a new wallet or to import an existing one. If you have the 12 words handy, you can restore your wallet and will still see all the blockchain transaction you have made before.

For any future backup you can use the export feature, follow this short description to find it: Under your profile picture you can find the app settings. The option „My wallets“ will lead you to an overview of your local wallets, which will most probably feature only one entry. Tap said entry to see the wallet’s details and then press on „export“ to see a popup wich displays 12 words. Write down this words on a piece of paper because they act like a password. The whole process is explained more deeply and also pictured in the documentation.

Kind regards,
Thomas and the team of Ambitorio