App Version 0.4.2

Dear Testers,

It has been a while since you heard from us. We worked quite hard to bring our progress live to 4.2, a version that comes with many, many changes. We’re focussing on improving our app in stability and functionality, which gives you a better experience at the end. Some of the changes you may not notice right away, but can you believe that we changed the whole encryption technology to a native approach? Now it should feel way faster to en- and decrypt files while the progress finally gets shown on screen.

Android and iOS in perfect harmony

With 4.2 we reached a point where both systems reach feature parity. Thanks to our testers we found OS or cell phone specific problems which we should finally have gotten rid off. Some iOS users had trouble uploading files for example, then there was some strange behavior on how the app managed the encryption and we even faced errors with the info extracted out of the Blockchain transactions. But thanks to our very dedicated dev team we managed to make the app better and better with every version.

Hub and Passenger have arrived

We managed to have our Web-Client ready for a first public test. All testers are encouraged to check out and have a look at our browser based product. All details on how to use it exactly are in the attached guide. Since the Hub and Passenger mode is still in development, we ask our testers to be gentle with it. Best would be to follow the instructions in the guide and to give us feedback on the behavior on this specific flow only.


  • App should not crash any longer if Android users upload from system folders like Downloads
  • The encryption process is faster and the status is displayed
  • A problem with the File Key exchange of the Web-Client was solved
  • Hub and Passenger relation works fine by now

Challenges we still face

  • At some point our app will not activate files, even if the process of activation has been run through successfully. We know about this and we know why that is, but we’re still working on the solution.
  • The new encryption method stresses devices if the file is bigger than 50mb. We’re fixing that within one of the upcoming version. We ask all testers to not send files of the size just mentioned.
  • When using Passenger Mode (Web-Client), users are advised to let the app constantly being open and running. We will improve this behavior.

Kind regards,
Thomas and the team of Ambitorio