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Unique blockchain-based access rights management solution that minimizes the risk of data misuse or data theft.

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Access management

We make secure access management possible. Blockchain tokens are utilized to grant access rights.

const signedChallenge = await signChallenge(
const challengeResult = await sendSignedChallengeToServer(

Our solution can be integrated to any software and used for any purpose.


Pinpoint data sharing

Ambitorio extends existing infrastructures, can be built ontop of proven technologies or be the base itself.

DATA ACCESS IDENTIFICATION The most basic version of Ambitorio regulates access to a resource in the simplest way. It doesn't matter what type of source is being protected. It can be a website, a single file, or an entire repository.
STORE DATA SECURELY Companies that have not yet found suitable storage for their data exchange can store their files directly on Ambitorio’s servers. The cloud is fully encrypted of course.
ACCESS MANAGEMENT ON THE BLOCKCHAIN Ambitorio reads access rights in the form of tokens. To achieve this, we use the TEOS suite from CoreLedger. The complete token management can be done via their product WLM.

Are blockchain projects just smoke and mirrors?

Additive manufacturing Ambitorio is proud partner of project ABH08, a research group supported by Interreg, the EU and the Swiss Confederation. In this project, Ambitorio's technology protects printing data via encryption and tracks the supply chain thanks to the blockchain protocol. This complex work has been presented in various presentations and had a signal effect across all industries.
Apps The partner CoreLedger uses Ambitorio as a module for managing access rights and the associated sending of files. As Ambitorio already developed a solution for sending files via the app, CoreLedger has put trust on Ambitorio's cloud. The technology has been optimized intensively which allows it to get through Apple's and Google's store audits with ease.
High engineering skills Through deep discussions from customers in various industries, Ambitorio has developed concepts for high-secure data exchange. These prototypes comprise for additive manufacturing, the handling of medical measurement data and a complete solution for spare part production chains in the railroad and transport sector. All software and hardware has been manufactured exclusively in Switzerland.